GM 14 Bolt FF 6 Lug Conversion Kit

GM 14 Bolt FF 6 Lug Conversion Kit

There is only one right way to build a 6 lug 14 bolt with disc brakes. The wrong way would be to start with a stock 6 lug SF axle. Our kit converts the common 8 lug Full Floating axle to 6 lug and comes with forged and CNC machined hubs.

Our brackets are machined from 3/8" hot rolled steel plate. Sharp edges are deburred before sand blasting and powdercoating satin black. The kit includes a set of brackets, Grade 8 mounting hardware and a pair of forged and CNC machined 6 lug hubs to fit the 14 bolt FF.

This kit narrows your axle by 2.25"

This kit will work with  15" wheels

Note: This kit will only work with a PRE '93 GM14 BOLT AXLE. Axle shaft flange must be turned to fit the wheel over the shaft flange.  
These are meant to replace factory hubs that are 6 inches long. In some cases the rotor must be opened up to fit over hub.

What else will you need?
• (2) Raybestos Rotors Part # 5020  (1983 GM 1/2 ton 4x4 truck front) Open the bore to 4.3"
• (2) Calipers (1975 -1988 GM 1/2 ton 4x4 truck front)
• (1) Set of brake pads (1975 -1988 GM 1/2 ton 4x4 truck front)
• (2) Soft brake lines (braided stainless steel lines available)
• (2) Banjo bolts
• (12) Dorman Lugs Part # 610-381


If you want to keep your cable e-brake simply substitute '78 El Dorado rear calipers instead of the GM front calipers. Our brackets will work with both calipers.

Axles: 14 Bolt 6 Lug